Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (DCID)

Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (DCID)
 Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (formerly Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal) aims to publish evidence-based information to address needs of practitioners (particularly those from developing countries), policy makers, organisations of persons with disabilities and the scientific community. 
 Editor-in Chief: Dr. Maya Thomas
 Maya Thomas is the Founder-Editor of the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal. With a doctorate in Psychology, she is an independent consultant on disability, CBR and development. Her areas of work include policy development and strategy planning related to disability and development, particularly community based approaches; evaluation of disability programmes; and capacity building and training of planners and managers of disability programmes. She has more than 30 years of experience in these areas, in countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
Dr. Thomas was on the Editorial Committee of the World Report on Disability of WHO and World Bank (2011), and has been a member of the Core Group for the development of the WHO CBR Guidelines (2010).
Associate Editors
Dr. Wim van Brakel, VU University Amsterdam
Dr. Wim van Brakel has worked for 17 years in Nepal and India, for international NGOs specialising in leprosy control, public health, disability and research methods. His research interests include disability, community-based rehabilitation, social participation, stigma, clinometric and peripheral neuropathy in leprosy. He is one of the Founding Editors of a new international journal on stigma research, Stigma Research & Action.
Currently, Dr. van Brakel is Senior Adviser Public Health at the Royal Tropic Institute (KIT), Amsterdam, since 2003 and works as a Technical Advisor for Netherlands Leprosy Relief and other international organisations. He is a Board Member of The Leprosy Mission International (TLMI) and the Dutch Coalition for Disability & Development (DCDD), and serves as a member of the Technical Commission of the International Federation of anti-Leprosy Associations (ILEP). From 2009, Dr. van Brakel is also Assistant Professor for Disability and Development
at the VU University Amsterdam (VUA). He coordinates a Masters module on Disability & Development at the VUA, and a Summer School in the same field, offered in collaboration with the University of Indonesia in Depok, West Java.
Prof. Sally Hartley, Professor of Community-based Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia
Prof. Sally Hartley is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of East Anglia, UK, Professor of Community-based Rehabilitation at the University of Sydney, Australia and Honorary Professor at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.
She is a leader in the field of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) research, with a particular interest in people with communication disabilities in low-income countries.  Prof. Hartley has been involved in the development of CBR programmes worldwide, with a strong focus on using collaborative approaches to improve the validity of interventions and research. She is a Founder member of the CBR African Network (CAN) and worked as its first Executive Officer for over 10 years.
Prof. Hartley is a co-editor of the World Report on Disability from WHO and the World Bank. She has also contributed to the new WHO and International Disability and Development Consortium Guidelines on CBR.
Dr. Pim Kuipers, Griffith University & Queensland Health, Australia. Dr. Pim Kuipers is Principal Research Fellow at the Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Queensland Health, and Adjunct Associate Professor, Griffith Health Institute, Griffith University, Australia. With degrees in psychology and rehabilitation, he has worked as a psychologist in disability and rehabilitation services for a number of years.  As a health services researcher, with a focus on improving health and rehabilitation services in community settings, he has conducted and led research in areas of health service delivery, systematic synthesis of qualitative reports, rural and remote primary health care, indigenous health, community-based rehabilitation, and disability services, specifically for people with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Dr. Kuipers has worked as a disability services project advisor in the Lao People's Democratic Republic, and has also advised and evaluated numerous CBR projects in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan. His research interests include the application of qualitative and mixed methods research, community integration after injury, family and patient engagement in health care, allied health practice, the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and particularly disability and development issues in developing countries. 
Journal Manager
Ms. Vardini R, India
Vardini R is currently working as a freelance consultant with development organisations and is the Journal Manager of ‘Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development’. Based in India, she has around 11 years of experience with non-profits in knowledge management, research, monitoring and evaluation. She has worked as the Knowledge Manager of an international disability organisation, Leonard Cheshire Disability – South Asia Regional Office, for five years, during which period she was the editor of their quarterly newsletter and also involved in monitoring and evaluating  CBR projects and conducting research on disability issues. She has led the research study ‘Accessible Transport and Health of Persons with Disabilities’ for International Forum on Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD) supported by SDC and SKAT. She has also authored articles on microfinance for people with disabilities, measuring poverty among persons with disabilities, apart from developing numerous case stories on disability issues for international audiences.
Editorial support team
Dr. M.J. Thomas, India
Padma Nair, India
Nina Agtey, India
National Printing Press, India
Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind, India
Editorial Board Members
Ms. Siphokazi Gcaza, South Africa
Prof M.P. Barnes, UK
Mr. Akiie Ninomiya, APCD, Bangkok, Thailand
Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, Pakistan
Prof. Manoj Sharma, University of Cincinnati, USA
Mr. Daniel Vershima Tsengu, CBM, Nigeria
Ms. Etsuko Ueno, Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabities (JSRPD), Japan
Prof. Qiu Zhuoying, China
Dr. Sunil Deepak, Italian Association Amici di Raoul Follereau (AIFO/Italy)
Mr. Arjan de Rooy, VU University, Amsterdam
Dr. Kozue Kay Nagata, Japan
Ms. Karen Heinicke-Motsch, CBM, USA
Dr. Beatriz Miranda, VU University, Amsterdam
Prof. William Boyce, Queens University, Canada
Mr. Paul Ian Chappell, University of Pretoria, South  Africa
Mr. Huib Cornielje, Enablement, Netherlands
Prof. Ajit Dalal, University of Allahabad, India
Prof. Arne Eide, SINTEF, Norway
Ms. Venus Ilagan, RI, Philippines
Mr. Victor Locoro, Kyambogo University, Uganda
Ms. Ros Madden,  University of Sydney, Australia
Peter Vos, VU University Amsterdam Library, Netherlands